rauland's sandy beach



Nothing is better than lazy days on a beach with a cloudless sky! After a visit here, there is no doubt why the beach has been given this nice name.

Fagersand is our new activity offer. In collaboration with benevolent landowners, Rauland Hyttevelforening and the business community in Rauland, Rauland Turist has started a new and comprehensive project. We have arranged so that everyone can use the fantastic beach Fagersand by Lognvikvatnet.

The area is over 50 acres, so here there is room for everyone. Even though the area has been here for thousands of years, it’s nice to have a little upgrade!

Tour description

Drive down at Austbø Hotell and follow the signs. Then you come to a new and developed parking lot. Here you park and walk a few hundred meters until you reach the beautiful sandy beach.

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