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What is the must-see spot in Rauland and what don't you recommend to visit?

You will be truly fascinated by the view from one of our hiking tops like Falkeriset or Vidsyn. Falkeriset is a hiking trail going from Kromvikivegen to Falkenuten, a path paved by Sherpas from Nepal, going 1,4 kilometres (one way) on stone steps to the fantastic panoramic view of Hardangervidda. The other viewpoint is called Vidsyn, "The mask" sculpture that sits on Vierlitoppen. It's about a 2 km hike from the parking outside Vierli Kafeteria, to the top - and the trip goes on both gravel road and dry paths.

Looking to go during the summer of next year. Any tips for that? What is the best time?

Most of people will say that the best time in summer to visit Rauland will be from July to September when colors and temperatures are at it's best. You will find a lot of attractions nearby in both Rauland and Rjukan to see and explore during these months, but also in other parts of the year.

Where should I book a hotel or maybe it would be best to rent an apartment?

Our hotels or cabin/apartment rentals provide different options for travelers, whether you are alone, a couple or family/groups. Click the booking button below to see our accomodation options.

Some cool tips you should know


Rauland and Rjukan is located along the border to Hardangervidda.

Hardangervidda is the largest plateau of its kind in Europe and forms a midpoint between East, West and South of Norway. In this border area you will find a whole lot of variations in landscape, nature and things to see and do. Go fishing, hiking or canoeing, see all the museums and attractions from Rauland to Rjukan, take a bath in Rjukanbadet or go visit the majestic Gaustatoppen. All within a 1 hour range from Rauland.


How about a high mountain cruise to Mogen?

M/B Fjellvaaken is a ferry going from Skinnarbu to Mogen during the summer season. It's a unique experience seeing the isolated villages and mountain farms along Møsvatn. On this trip you also visit Mogen Turisthytte with it's café serving fresh and local food and drinks.


Telemark Husky Tour offers dog driving

Telemark Husky Tour offers dog sledding all year round - and you can ride yourself or be a passenger in the various dog sledding trails for both children and adults!


Enjoy a day at the beach

Rauland has it's own beach, Fagersand, with easy access and parking. Stand up paddle-boards for rental (Austbø Hotell) and nice surroundings for both picnics and swimming.


Rauland is also your perfect winter destination.

Don't forget to visit Rauland during the winter season (from December to April) when ski centers are open and the snowy landscape provides perfect conditions for snowboarding, alpine and cross-country skiing. For almost the entire season, 150 kilometres of freshly groomed cross-country trails await you!

Smile and enjoy the hiking tops. Falkeriset is the family's first choice.

Visit the top Falkenuten on a 1,4 kilometre hiking tour on it's stone path paved by Sherps from Nepal. The trip is ideal for the whole family, and at the top you will be rewarded with a view of the Hardangervidda and Gaustatoppen in the distance!

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