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Fjellvaaken Mountain Cruise


Velcome aboard the MB Fjellvåken, operating a daily route to and from Skinnarbu – Mogen, on  Møsvatn, from July 3rd to August 20th, 2023.

Step aboard and journey along a historical route that, for generations, has transported hikers, cabin dwellers, and permanent residents to a unique, roadless society. The Fjellvåken, in its various versions, has faithfully maintained its schedule for over 130 years.

This catamaran slices through the breathtaking scenery, passing mountain farms set in a magnificent scenery. The waterway is the main thoroughfare for those living along Møsvatn.

Nestled at an elevation of 918 meters above sea level, a trip on Møsvatn is an unforgettable experience that you’ll carry with you forever.


  • 03.07 – 20.08 Every Day  09:30 from Skinnarbu  
  • 03.07 – 20.08 Every Day 15.30 from Mogen
  • Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes


Prices one way 

  • Adults NOK 375 online / 425 on board 
  • Children 4-15 years NOK 100 online / 150 
  • Dogs NOK 60 / 90  
  • Canoe/Bike/Packraft  NOK 135 / 185


Prices round trip

  • Adults NOK 580 / 630
  • Children 4-15 years NOK 160 / 210 
  • Dogs NOK 120 / 150
  • Canoe/Bike/Packraft NOK 270 / 320


Questions? E-mail us at

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High-Mountain cruise with delightful tapas lunch 

This year, Fjellvåken 2 is delighted to partner with Mathuset Eyde to offer our passengers a tapas lunch plate composed of:

  • Stavsfjell well-aged goat cheese from Lega in Vinje
  • Sausages from Brødrene Brubakken in Kragerø
  • Cured ham
  • Warm smoked spiced salmon
  • Potato salad with herbs and oil
  • Salads, fruits, and vegetables
  • Homemade aioli
  • Focaccia & tapas crackers from our bakery

All items, with the exception of the focaccia, are gluten-free, and everything is lactose-free.

The cost per person is 250 kr. and must be ordered along with your ticket at least 24 hours prior to departure.

If you require a gluten-free option or if you have other allergies or dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian, we can provide customized alternatives. To avail of this, you need to book your Fjellvåken ticket and lunch at least 3 days prior to your travel date. Please specify your desired alternative by sending an email to with a reference to your travel date and name.

You can enjoy the lunch in the onboard lounge while we are docked at Mogen, or you can take it ashore with you.

Please remember to bring any waste back on board. Coffee, tea, waffles, chocolate, beer, and soft drinks are available for purchase onboard.

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Tour description

MB Fjellvaaken departures from Skinnarbu, along Fv37 between Rauland and Rjukan.

Enjoy amazing tours around destination Rauland and discover the mighty mountains of Norway

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