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Summer and autumn


The summer and autumn in the mountains are fantastic. Here there is plenty of wildlife both on mountains and in water, and there are good opportunities for fishing with fishing rods both from land and boat. At Rauland you can choose from many nice hiking trails in varied terrain.


Vierli Cafeteria holds Saturday & Sunday 11.00-17.00.
Every day of week 40 +41.
Dinner and lunch dishes on the menu.

Visit the Children’s Seats at Vierli.
Here you can experience goats, rabbits, ducks and chickens up close. Open every day until September 1.


Playground for children. All for free and for free use at all times.

By the mountain lake Uvatn you can paddle in a canoe or row in a boat. Rented at Vierli Cafeteria.
From week 33 the rental is only available Saturday + Sunday.

Here you will also find a nice patio with the possibility of grilling.


The hiking trail network is well developed with marked trails also in summer and invites to hiking at the foot of Norway’s most famous national park, Hardangervidda.

One of our most popular hiking trails starts at Vierli Cafeteria and is a round trip in Oksatjønn and Silkedalen. On the trip you can see and experience the sculpture Vidsyn which is located on Vierlinuten. The sculpture is made by sculptor Hilde Mæhlum and was unveiled on 2 September 2017.

Enjoy amazing tours around destination Rauland and discover the mighty mountains of Norway

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